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The Blackbird Group

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What matters the most to you, matters the most to us.  We understand your needs. Our experienced team of world class investigators delivers results. Therefore allowing you to move forward with your life.  We make things easy and worry free. Solving other people’s problems is what we do best. For more information and a free consultation contact us anytime. What’s more we work after 5:00 p.m. so we are always available. Our team members look forward to hearing from you.  Before you make any choices try speaking to one of our team members and get all the facts about what to expect from a licensed private investigator.  

“We have the most affordable rates for all types of cases.” 


What makes us special? We are not just one investigator, we are numerous investigators. Our Team consists completely of Former Top Tier “Peerless” Law Enforcement Investigators, from the Southwest Florida area.   Having access to our team member’s years of expert knowledge allows you to have a one stop shop to pull a precise service from.  No more searching for an investigator that understands your particular needs. We have an investigator for almost every circumstance and we are ready to help you quickly.  

Choose wisely.  We are here for you.  

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Private Investigator Sarasota

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